First delivery of “A Map of Trengganu” (Awang Goneng)

Yes, the PIZZAMAN has started to deliver the new release of Awang Goneng’s “A Map of  Trengganu” today.

The first shipment just arrived in Kuala Lumpur, and those few who received their copies from the PIZZAMAN today are the lucky few to be among the first to have in their hand anywhere in the WORLD!

It is not on the shelves of the retailers yet but the PIZZAMAN is working hard to fulfill the orders that had been coming in over the last two weeks.

Those who want to have it NOW – do call/sms 019-3199-788 or email

RM35.90 a copy

Minimal delivery charges may apply (that is to for my petrol and of course save you on the time, parking and petrol too)

Those who still wants the GUiT – yes still available. Same price still RM39.90

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Bukit Besar, Lorong Mok Pe, Jalan Wireless, Kuala Terengganu Ampang, Selangor SSPS1 1965-1969 SMSSKT 1970-1976 UPM 1977-1981 SIUC 1982-1984 UIS 1985-1987
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3 Responses to First delivery of “A Map of Trengganu” (Awang Goneng)

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