Police identify four accident-prone stretches in Besut

BESUT: The police have alerted motorists to exercise caution when plying four road stretches here which they have identified as prone to fatal crashes during festive seasons.

The stretches are Jerteh-Bukit Yong, Jerteh-Pekan Jabi, Kampung Raja- Kampung Tembila/Beting Lintang and Kampung Jabi-Kampung Anak Ikan.

Besut police deputy chief DSP Noor Zainy Mohd Noor said the four stretches were found to have high occurrences of accidents, especially with the advent of festive seasons.

“Although the roads appear straight, there are sharp bends and housing areas on either side, requiring motorists to be extra careful,” he told reporters here Monday.

According to Noor Zainy, the areas had recorded high occurences of accidents over the past three years.

“In this regard, the traffic police would monitor the routes during the coming festive season and issue summonses against those who exceeded the speed limit or overtook at double lines.” – Bernama


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