Flying high with his colourful kites

KUALA TERENGGANU (The Star): Ismail Abu Bakar is a kite maker and artist whose paintings fetch between RM100 and RM2,000.

The father of 10 has also won the gold medal in table tennis in an Asean-level physical disability competition.

Incidentally, Ismail was born with deformed feet but the 60-year-old from Kampung Wakaf Mempelam has never let his disability hold him back.

“I have never seen myself as different from other people.


About akarimomar

Bukit Besar, Lorong Mok Pe, Jalan Wireless, Kuala Terengganu Ampang, Selangor SSPS1 1965-1969 SMSSKT 1970-1976 UPM 1977-1981 SIUC 1982-1984 UIS 1985-1987
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